Kalamata’s Kitchen Book + Kal & Al Pals


Bundle up, because this tasty twosome makes the perfect Food Adventure bundle. First, head out on an adventure to an Indian spice market and learn why being brave is delicious. Then, head out on your own adventure with your very own Kal & Al plush pals, the softest, snugliest, adventure buddies around. 


  • Written by Sarah Thomas and illustrated by Jo Kosmides Edwards
  • Signed by author Sarah Thomas
  • Hardcover 
  • Dimensions: 10.44 x 10.25"
  • Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
  • Reading age: 4-8
  • Comes with a limited edition Taste Bud Pledge card and enamel pin


  • Includes Kalamata, Al Dente and golden fork and avocado velcro accessories
  • Kalamata height: 10"
  • Al Dente height: 5"
  • Kalamata has lush high pile fabric hair
  • Embroidered facial features
  • Graphic textures (clothing/scales) printed directly from the book illustrations
  • Soft plush EF velboa body fabrics 

Note: Kal & Al Pals will ship separately from the book and other products you may purchase from our shop.

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