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Who We Are

Welcome to Kalamata's Kitchen

Through stories, food adventure gear, live events and a nationwide guide to family-friendly restaurants, we’re fulfilling our mission of creating a more compassionate and curious generation of eaters. Every day, we inspire little Taste Buds around the world to try new flavors and connect with each other over something delicious.

We created Kalamata’s Kitchen around a single truth: Food brings people closer together.

And we believe that sharing food adventures does more than encourage the Taste Buds in your life to try new things—we believe it brings about an appetite for empathy, inclusiveness and community in a profound, yet very simple way: going on a Food Adventure.

There’s always something magical happening in Kalamata’s Kitchen. From Food Adventures with her best friend, Al Dente, to inspiring honorary Taste Buds around the world to try new things, Kalamata is exploring the world one bite at a time.

What is a Food Adventure?

A food adventure is any new experience you can have around food. Experiences like:

  • Going to the grocery store with your parents
  • Every time you try something you’ve never had before
  • Peeling a kiwi for the first time
  • Learning how bananas grow
  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Discovering spicy food
  • Going out to a new restaurant

The Taste Bud Pledge

“I promise to keep my mind open and my fork ready
to try each new food at least two times
and share what’s on my plate when someone doesn’t have enough.”