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Little Donkey

Tapas Restaurant

Little Donkey checks all of Kalamata's boxes—unique brick walls, vibrant murals, small plates that represent food from around the world, and a silly name that she can call Al Dente the entire time they hang there. The menu changes a lot, but no matter what she always orders the patatas bravas, which is just another way of saying the best fried potatoes you've ever tasted. It comes with a dipping sauce seasoned with togarashi, which she now asks the people at the supermarket for just to see the reaction on their face.

Family-Friendly Features

  • High chairs
  • Changing station

Kalamata SAYS

"The team at Little Donkey loves making recommendations on things younger Taste Buds might like, and sometimes even offer things on the menu in smaller sizes."

505 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
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