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Meet the Taste Buds

Kalamata has an appetite for adventure, but she never travels alone. Meet the friends that make food more fun and mealtime more meaningful.




Kalamata has a delicious secret—her kitchen table is magical. Under her table, she and her best friend Al Dente go on incredible adventures together. Inspiration for her adventures is all around her—when she smells her mom grinding spices, she’s transported to markets in faraway lands. When she hears her dad chopping veggies for dinner, she finds herself in some of the coolest kitchens in the world. And when she comes home, she loves sharing what she learned with her family. One of her favorite things to do in the kitchen is roll out dough for pizza. Her mom somehow doesn’t mind when she makes a mess with flour, just with her toys!




Al Dente is Kalamata’s best friend and travel buddy. While grownups see a stuffed alligator, Al Dente is very real to Kalamata. His favorite activity is adventuring with Kalamata, no matter where they go—though he did run into some tummy trouble on the moon, when he found out it was not made of cheese. According to Kalamata, all the mischievous ideas are his.



Chef Ilma Lopez is a James Beard nominated pastry chef, and co-owner of Piccolo and Chaval restaurants in Portland, Maine. She grew up cooking with her Abuelita in Venezuela, and loves sharing her passion in the kitchen with her own daughter, Isabella.


Abuelita, which means “little grandma” in Spanish, is Chef Ilma’s beloved grandmother and first teacher in the kitchen. She is still inspired to cook today, even joining culinary school so she could understand what Chef Ilma went through. She loves baking, and is thrilled that her merengada cake is the featured recipe in Kalamata’s adventure to her kitchen.