todd-blakeTodd was initially drawn to the project by the opportunity to work with one of his closest friends, Derek. Since college, the two of them had been searching for a way to work together, and finally, they created it for themselves. Todd recently became a father himself, and in Kalamata recognized the importance maintaining balance of his identity as a new parent, and the passions that fulfill him as an individual.

Todd spent almost a decade working in television development, helping generate and shape stories that would resonate with an audience. Working with Kalamata combines his passions for food, family, and telling a great story.

Have you ever taught someone else how to cook something? “I love cooking with my wife. While she is an amazing baker, I handle most of the savory dishes in the house. The most rewarding experience for me is teaching her something and having her surpass me in the kitchen. After showing her how to make a perfectly cooked omelet, she took that and brought it to a whole new level. She now makes the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten. I don’t even eat them anywhere else.”

Any funny kitchen fails? “I received an immersion blender as a Christmas gift one year. I was so excited to use it, I strayed from my tried and true method of making mashed potatoes with a ricer. Instead of a silky, smooth texture my new gadget created something that could only be considered wallpaper paste. The potatoes did not make it on the plate that year.”

If you could travel anywhere under your kitchen table, where would you go? “A potluck dinner at Massimo Bottura’s house in Italy. Among the guests bringing dishes would be Rene Redzepi, Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz and Ferran Adria. I would eat anything they put in front of me.”