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Korean BBQ |  Korea Town

The owner of Baekjong is a famous wrestler-turned-comedian, and with his life-sized cartoons all over the restaurant and loud music blaring at all times, it’s clear he knows how to entertain people while feeding them. All senses are turned way up for Kalamata at this Korea-town spot— the smell of the meats cooked right in front of you, the sound of the rowdy groups clustered around their individual grills and the sizzling food, and— most importantly— the taste of the bbq and the accompanying banchan served with it makes a trip here a feast in every way.

Family-Friendly Features

  • Family-style eating

Kalamata Says

"just when I think we’ve finished, a smiling server (and bbq chef!) brings around another tray of meat for the grill. It’s like a show with my dinner— a delicious, delicious show."

Recommended by Professional Taste Bud Sarah Thomas

1 E 32nd St
New York, NY 10016
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