It’s easy to forget she’s in Pittsburgh when Kalamata walks into Noodlehead. There are so many amazing smells coming from the kitchen, and so much flavor in every bite, it feels like a party for her tastebuds every time. It’s hard to get past the delicious appetizers like the thai fried chicken, pork belly steamed buns, and the sweet and spicy pig wings (Al Dente claims he always knew that pigs could fly!) but it’s worth it to save some space for the noodles to follow. It’s worth remembering that hot really means hot at Noodlehead, so Kalamata likes to stay below a 3 on their spice scale.

Family-Friendly Features

  • High chairs
  • Changing station

Kalamata SAYS

"If my noodles are too spicy, it’s nice to know that I only have to walk next door to cool down my mouth with Millie’s ice cream!"

242 S Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
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