Cafe Munir

Lebanese Restaurant

This is the type of Lebanese restaurant that Kalamata can smell from blocks before she gets there and can close her eyes and taste for hours after she’s left. Everything on the menu is meant for sharing, so the more friends you bring with you the more flavors you get to explore! Kalamata’s mission on every trip is to ask about a new spice she’s never heard of before and then try to find it when she visits the market.

Family-Friendly Features

  • High chairs
  • Stroller parking

Kalamata Says

"The savory pastries are really special here. My favorite is the arayes, which is Arabic pita bread with seasoned lamb stuffed inside it that they grill over an open fire. Even thought it’s really tasty by itself, I usually dip everything I get here in the hummus because it’s SO delicious."

2408 NW 80th St
Seattle, WA 98117

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