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Tyler Haak

tyler-haakTyler is a Pittsburgh transplant to NYC, and is thoroughly enjoying discovering the myriad of food options from different cultures in his neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, most of which can be delivered directly to his door. When he’s not presenting on smart buildings and the Internet of Things, you can usually find Tyler reading a book, playing the piano, studying a new language, or agonizing over baseball.

Tyler and Derek are “ideas guys,” and have spent a lot of time in cocktail bars trading thoughts on business ideas. Kalamata’s Kitchen is one that stuck out to him from the beginning. Tyler oversees all things digital on the Kalamata team, and also serves as an idea “lasso” when Sarah and Derek get too excited.

Tyler has his Bachelors of Science degree in Structural Engineering from Virginia Tech, his Masters in Energy and Atmosphere Engineering from Stanford, and an honorary title as Most Loyal Pittsburgh Pirates fan, despite everything.

First food memory: “My food memories are decidedly less gourmet than some—I can remember Spagetti-o’s and Hamburger Helper. For the record, I love them both.”

Favorite thing to cook: “I got a waffle iron, and I’ve been enjoying being king of the griddle in our house. In general, I’m Sarah’s sous-chef. My favorite thing we’ve made together was a seriously labor-intensive eggplant parm.”

If you could go anywhere under your kitchen table, where would you go and what would you eat? “I’d go to PNC park, and I’d eat a pulled pork pierogi stacker.”