Serving the Families Who Serve Us

Working in a restaurant, you’ve got to be tough as a mother. There’s only one problem: It’s tough for mothers. 

In a world where nursing, pumping and other baby-feeding resources can be scarce or difficult to access, postpartum mothers often struggle to find the support they need to succeed, instead feeling isolated and exhausted. And when we lose mothers in the restaurant industry, we lose their unique experience, insight and talent. 

That’s why we’re partnering with pumpspotting, a community-driven breastfeeding support platform that provides lactating individuals with access to expert advice, answers to common questions, mom-approved places to nurse and pump, and more. 

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To help, we’re covering the cost for all working mothers in the culinary space to receive a one-year membership to a version of the pumpspotting support platform specifically designed for the restaurant industry, providing premium access to things like: 

  • Connection to a sub-community of industry folks, all navigating the postpartum period while working in restaurants
  • Lactation support through clinical guidance and access to feeding experts 24/7, virtual community, and general policies to gear up new mothers for their return to work
  • A list of nearby welcoming places to pump, ranging from restaurants to coffee shops and beyond
  • Encouragements and educational information tailored to restaurant workers and personalized by baby's due date

Together with pumpspotting, we’re making it easier for women and lactating individuals to pursue opportunities in the restaurant industry. By using the app, breastfeeding individuals feel more supported and cared for while they’re working hard to care for everyone else—and a career in food becomes more possible. 

Developed in collaboration with Resy and The LEE Initiative, this first-of-its-kind movement already has the support of some of our favorite top restaurants. From Lulu (Alice Waters and David Tanis) to 610 Magnolia, Succotash (Edward Lee) to  Parachute, Wherewithall (Beverly Kim), Freighthouse (Sara Bradley), Kimika, Wayla, Wan Wan (Rivers and Hills Hospitality Group), Sea Creatures Restaurants (Renee Erikson) and more, our Taste Buds across the country have made the commitment to offer pumpspotting (with our support!) to any employees who might need it. 

We’re proud to join together to further the creation of inclusive workplaces and restaurants, and to pioneer ways to make it easier for women and mothers in the culinary industry to feed both their families and careers.

Want to join the movement? Learn more here.

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