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"Kalamata's Kitchen is an outstanding children's story that encourages young readers to make positive and lasting memories with food. As a father and a chef, I can't overstate the value of engaging kids in culinary expeditions and exploring other cultures. We're so proud to have author Sarah Thomas on our team at Le Bernardin and can't wait to follow her and Kalamata on their future adventures!"

Eric Ripert, Chef & Co-owner of Le Bernardin

"Kalamata is the coolest kid in the kitchen! These books have found a way to connect with young readers and teach them to be aware of their experiences with food. It empowers them to explore the world around them and other cultures through something that connects us all. I’m so proud to be one of Kalamata’s Taste Buds and can’t wait to see where her adventures lead us all!”

Adrienne Cheatham, Chef/Founder SundayBest

“As a Mom and a Cook, being a part of Kalamata’s Kitchen is a huge honor. I get to represent myself and my family, and hopefully make a change in our future. These readers will be our leaders and this is our chance to encourage them to explore and learn about other cultures.  Adventures with food is the perfect way to encourage children of today.”

Ilma Lopez, Chef/Owner of Piccolo & Chaval

Introducing the Taste Bud Travel Guide

Food adventure as a family! Kalamata has already given these destinations her whisk of approval.