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We’re tired of seeing the bland, almost carbon-copy lists of “family-friendly” chains and fast food restaurants in cities everywhere. And who decided that “kid-friendly food” meant the same 3 or 4 items no matter what kind of restaurant you’re in? Whatever those definitions of “kid-friendly” and “family friendly” are—they’re not ours. 

We believe that there are extraordinary food experiences to be had for kids and grown-ups all over the country, and we’ve curated lists of our favorites for families who are ready for Food Adventures. From food trucks to fine dining, these are places that treat kids and their families like VIPs, and offer unique, delectable food experiences for Taste Buds of all ages. Why? Because kids deserve it—and so do their grown-ups. 

So have a look around. Whether it’s to cheer for the restaurants in your hometown that made the list or to plan your next trip, we’re sure you’ll find something for the whole family to love. And keep in touch! Let us know when you visit a travel guide spot. You can find us on Instagram @tastebudtravelguide—we love hearing about your Food Adventures!

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Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas is the co-founder and Chief Imaginator at Kalamata’s Kitchen. As a former sommelier, she’s also very proud of her unofficial title as “Professional-Try-Things-Twicer”, and is on a mission to keep minds open and forks ready everywhere.

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