Jo Kosmides Edwards

Growing up with Greek parents, food was at the center of every family gathering for Jo. With her dad as a chef and her mom and grandma always cooking, her house was a hot spot for neighborhood families to stop by for some amazing food. That's why, when Derek and Sarah called Jo about illustrating their first book, she felt right at home. When creating Kalamata's world, Jo wanted it to look diverse and unique, and wanted to make a kitchen that looked like hers growing up. One where they took pride in their food. For Jo, Kalamata is the embodiment of the idea that sharing food is what makes people happy. Her love of food started as child in her father's Greek restaurant, where she earned the reputation of "the kid who would try anything.” Beyond illustrating the world of Kalamata, her professional career has included cover art for Abby Wambach’s Wolfpack and Glennon Doyle’s Love Warrior, murals around the D.C. area, fine art and mixed material.

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