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Sarah Thomas

sarah-thomasSarah is the story-chef in Kalamata’s Kitchen. It was easy for Sarah to see herself in the character of Kalamata; all of her earliest memories are centered around her family’s kitchen, where both her mother and father were extraordinary cooks and hosts. Sarah was drawn to the service industry because of the influence of the food traditions and warm hospitality of her own parents.

Sarah has always had a love of sharing knowledge with others. She was a teaching assistant in college, worked at a school for intellectually disabled children in India, helped out with the Food Revolution cooking club in Pittsburgh, and taught the wine classes at Le Bernardin. Working on Kalamata’s Kitchen has been a truly inspiring way to tie together her love of writing, teaching, food, and service into one wonderful project.

Sarah earned her BA in English and Political Science from Mary Baldwin College, and her MPhil in English Renaissance literature from the University of Cambridge. She is an Advanced Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers, which she maintains was way harder than graduate school. She is currently a sommelier at Le Bernardin in NYC.

What is your first food memory? “I can remember the smell and sound of spices frying in my mom’s kitchen pretty distinctly. There’s a handful of spices and aromatics that start the base of most south Indian cooking, and that smell and the sound of them sizzling in oil has always signaled the promise of something delicious.”

What is your favorite thing to cook now? 
“I make great pantry pasta. I take the challenge of throwing together very incongruous ingredients to make something delicious extremely seriously.” 

If you could travel anywhere under your kitchen table, where would you go? “I have a serious obsession with Thai street noodles, but I’ve never had them at the source! I would go to Bangkok and eat every delicious thing from every street food hawker that caught my eye.”