Let’s create the next generation of curious, courageous and compassionate eaters together.

Kalamata and her stuffed pal Al Dente are on a mission to experience the whole wide world through adventures with food. They help kids learn to keep their minds open and their forks ready. And everyone is welcome at the table, so pull up a chair and dig in to Kalamata’s Kitchen.

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The Taste Bud Pledge

"I promise to keep my mind open and my fork ready, to try each new food at least two times and share what's on my plate when someone doesn't have enough."

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Taste Bud Pledge (1:26)

Taste Bud Pledge (1:26)

Kalamatas Kitchen

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Mind Open, Fork Ready Ambassadors are on a mission to spread the message of the Taste Bud Pledge, showing us all how to be more curious, courageous and compassionate.

“The text is lyrical and poetic, conjuring clever and unexpected images that invoke all five senses.”

“A food adventure your children will love.”

“Kalamata's Kitchen helps kids run toward the unfamiliar.”